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The National Broadband Plan

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Connecting America to affordable, high speed broadband.

The National Broadband Plan is a bold roadmap for the future of the Internet in America.

The FCC gave DC reporters the first copies of the National Broadband Plan Monday afternoon. Which has taken the better part of a year for more than 60 specialized FCC staffers to put together.

National broadband goals

  • Goal 1: At least 100 million U.S. homes should have affordable access to actual download speeds of at least 100 megabits per second and actual upload speeds of at least 50 megabits per second.
  • Goal 2: The United States should lead the world in mobile innovation, with the fastest and most extensive wireless networks of any nation.
  • Goal 3: Every American should have affordable access to robust broadband service, and the means and skills to subscribe if they so choose.
  • Goal 4: Every community should have affordable access to at least 1 Gbps broadband service to anchor institutions such as schools, hospitals and government buildings.
  • Goal 5: To ensure the safety of Americans, every first responder should have access to a nationwide public safety wireless network.
  • Goal 6: To ensure that America leads in the clean energy economy, every American should be able to use broadband to track and manage their real-time energy consumption.

Download the plan to see it in all it’s glory!!


Explore it (with a little help)

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