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Here it is; July 28, 2011

Looking back at my past I see joy, hurt, & pride.

 What do I have that gives me joy?
My past relationships have always given me great joy. Even though both, they & I have moved on, it gives me joy to just think about them. ūüôā Getting to know someone in that special way is always a great memory to dwell on (& smile to myself about).

What do I have to be hurt about?
My past relationships are no longer active, yet it hurts to not be with them on this special day.

What do I have great Pride about?
What don’t I have to be proud about? I have had a great life doing what I most like to do,¬†exploring¬† & enjoying LIFE! In the past years, I have

  • For the past 3 months, I have had the pleasure of living with a couple of Elders in Northern Virginia. It has been & still is, a highlight of my life!
  • Have started REALLY utilizing Network Marketing in my DC Wellness Network with Univera
  • Started my NEW Social Networking business in Washington, DC; DC Internet Marketing TechnologySocial Networking YOUR business to millions!
  • National Coordinator for the Nat’l Summit on Diabetes for American Indians, where we brought the Longest Walkers together with Tribal Members & Diabetes Professionals showing How to Reverse Diabetes in 30 Days!
  • Washington, DC Coordinator for the Longest Walk 3: Reversing Diabetes; where two groups (North & South)¬†of Natives walked across America, bringing awareness about how to Reverse Diabetes! all the way here to DC, where we setup Teepees on the National Mall by the Washington Monument & in front of the White House.
  • Volunteer at the Smithsonians’ National Museum of the American Indians¬† in Washington, DC & get to work with Indigenous People from ALL of the America’s¬† (North, South & Central America) every other week!

And of course, My 2 kids are my pride & joy!

My final reflection is about what was said in the Teepee while sitting in front of the Capital on July 8, 2011 by Dennis Banks. It was a “Female Rain” outside the teepee & all the smudging was completed inside the teepee. This is what I learned from¬†that talk:

I want to talk about the difference between becoming a Senior Citizen vs Being an Elder.

When I turned 50, I became a Senior Citizen to some people. Mainly, I looked forward to paying Senior Prices¬†at some places, like the local¬†Golf Courses. Then they raised the age to 55 & all I could think about was¬†if they do that to everyone, who is it that gets the break? Not me of course…..

A friend of mine¬†took me out to dinner one night.¬†After fighting his way through the buffet, he kept complaining about the price of the dinner & how bad¬†they treat their customers, especially the Seniors.¬†¬†All he¬†could talk about was¬†if they do that to everyone, who is it that gets the break? Not him of course…..

I brought the same¬†friend to a dinner being conducted by a local Tribe. As they did the blessing, he started to race to the table, when I gently held his arm & let him know that he did not have to do that. The children at the dinner raised to the buffet & made plates. As he started to complain, he stopped in mid sentence… The children were bringing plates of food to all their Elders, which included me & my friend. ūüôā

My friend ate his food with a gentle smile on his face all during our dinner. Afterward, he looked at me & said, “I have never been treated so kindly by children before in my whole¬†life.”

I told him that that is the difference between;

¬†“Acting like a Senior Citizen, expecting things & complaining when they don’t come”
“Being an Elder & being treated with respect & kindness”

Lesson Learned from Dennis Banks,
Co-Founder of the American Indian Movement

Evans Craig outside of the Teepee on the National Mall


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Longest Walk 3 Walking Routes

The Longest Walk 3: Reversing Diabetes is a 5,000+ mile walk across America, Southern Rte-California to DC, Northern Rte -Portland to DC!! We will be educating Americans on this epidemic, as well as cleaning up Mother Earth along both routes! Be sure to RSVP for the Washington DC Event on Facebook, which will include a Powwow on the Nat’l Mall.

Longest Walk 3 Southern Walking Route

To RSVP for the Washington DC Event, go to http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=136597933048303

Longest Walk 3 Northern Walking Route

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