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Champion Hoop Dancer Waya Dimalanta Scheduled to appear at Frederick, MD Pow-Wow (Schedule and Discount Flier Attached)

Press Release

Champion Hoop Dancer Waya Dimalanta Scheduled to appear
Frederick Fairgrounds, 797 E. Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21705

Hollister, NC– Pow-Wow, an American Indian owned and operated company, will sponsor the Frederick , Maryland American Indian Pow-Wow and Show at the E-Eventplex at the Frederick Fairgrounds ( 797 E. Patrick Street Frederick , MD 21705 ) on May 19-20, 2012. The Pow-Wow is an opportunity for the public to interact with American Indian dancers, singers, drummers, artists and craftspersons. This event is an attempt by Pow-Wow to educate the public about American Indians, past and present, through the arts.

Champion Hoop Dancer Waya Dimanlanta (Lumbee/Haliwa Tribe) will perform at the Frederick, Maryland pow-wow daily. Native American Hoop Dance is a form of storytelling incorporating anywhere from one to 30 hoops as props, which are used to create shapes, or formations, representing various animals, symbols, and storytelling elements. It is generally performed by a solo dancer with many hoops.

During the dance, shapes are formed in storytelling ritual such as the butterfly, the eagle, the snake, and the coyote, with the hoop symbolizing the never-ending circle of life. Native American Hoop dance focuses on very rapid moves, and the construction of hoop formations around and about the body. In elaborate sequences of moves, the hoops are made to interlock, and in such a way they can be extended from the body of the dancer to form appendages such as wings and tails. The hoops are often handmade by the dancers out of simple plastic piping (though some are made of wood) and wrapped in colorful tapes.

The pow-wow is an opportunity for the public to interact with American Indian dancers in regalia (outfits), singers, drummers, artists, and crafts persons. American Indian actor Apesanahkat (Menominee) will participate in the pow-wow Saturday and Sunday. His films include: “ Sioux City ”, “Dudes”, “Bagdad Café” and “Dark Horizon”. His television works include: “ Babylon 5”, “ Walker , Texas Ranger”, “Northern Exposure” and so much more.

On Saturday, gates will open at 11:00AM, and the event will kick off with a parade of nations (grand entry) at 12:00 noon. Tribes will be represented at this year’s event, and they include: Haliwa-Saponi, Piscataway, Chickahominy, Rappahannock, Cherokee, Sioux, Iroquois, Lumbee, Hopi, Mattaponi , Nansemond, Choctaw, Navajo, and other Tribes and nations.

Fun activities for children include: Storytelling, pony rides, face painting, tipi visit, bow ‘n’arrow shooting and Firedancer Juan Salinas of the Aztec Dancers.

The public will be able to purchase some of the finest Native American crafts available. Items for sale include turquoise jewelry, moccasins, beadwork, rugs, books, paintings and dreamcatchers to name a few. Buffalo stew, fried bread, Indian corn soup and buffalo burgers are just a few of the Native American food items that will be on sale at the event.

Admission to the Pow-Wow is as follows: Saturday –Sunday: Ages 3-12: $5:00 Ages 13-up: $8.00.

For more information regarding the pow-wow, please call the show promoter at (252) 532-0821 or send e-mail to: powwow@vance.net This is not a web-site.


Contact: Barry Richardson-Pow-Wow President

(252) 532-0821 (e-mail: powwow@vance.net)


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