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Here it is; July 28, 2011

Looking back at my past I see joy, hurt, & pride.

 What do I have that gives me joy?
My past relationships have always given me great joy. Even though both, they & I have moved on, it gives me joy to just think about them. ūüôā Getting to know someone in that special way is always a great memory to dwell on (& smile to myself about).

What do I have to be hurt about?
My past relationships are no longer active, yet it hurts to not be with them on this special day.

What do I have great Pride about?
What don’t I have to be proud about? I have had a great life doing what I most like to do,¬†exploring¬† & enjoying LIFE! In the past years, I have

  • For the past 3 months, I have had the pleasure of living with a couple of Elders in Northern Virginia. It has been & still is, a highlight of my life!
  • Have started REALLY utilizing Network Marketing in my DC Wellness Network with Univera
  • Started my NEW Social Networking business in Washington, DC; DC Internet Marketing TechnologySocial Networking YOUR business to millions!
  • National Coordinator for the Nat’l Summit on Diabetes for American Indians, where we brought the Longest Walkers together with Tribal Members & Diabetes Professionals showing How to Reverse Diabetes in 30 Days!
  • Washington, DC Coordinator for the Longest Walk 3: Reversing Diabetes; where two groups (North & South)¬†of Natives walked across America, bringing awareness about how to Reverse Diabetes! all the way here to DC, where we setup Teepees on the National Mall by the Washington Monument & in front of the White House.
  • Volunteer at the Smithsonians’ National Museum of the American Indians¬† in Washington, DC & get to work with Indigenous People from ALL of the America’s¬† (North, South & Central America) every other week!

And of course, My 2 kids are my pride & joy!

My final reflection is about what was said in the Teepee while sitting in front of the Capital on July 8, 2011 by Dennis Banks. It was a “Female Rain” outside the teepee & all the smudging was completed inside the teepee. This is what I learned from¬†that talk:

I want to talk about the difference between becoming a Senior Citizen vs Being an Elder.

When I turned 50, I became a Senior Citizen to some people. Mainly, I looked forward to paying Senior Prices¬†at some places, like the local¬†Golf Courses. Then they raised the age to 55 & all I could think about was¬†if they do that to everyone, who is it that gets the break? Not me of course…..

A friend of mine¬†took me out to dinner one night.¬†After fighting his way through the buffet, he kept complaining about the price of the dinner & how bad¬†they treat their customers, especially the Seniors.¬†¬†All he¬†could talk about was¬†if they do that to everyone, who is it that gets the break? Not him of course…..

I brought the same¬†friend to a dinner being conducted by a local Tribe. As they did the blessing, he started to race to the table, when I gently held his arm & let him know that he did not have to do that. The children at the dinner raised to the buffet & made plates. As he started to complain, he stopped in mid sentence… The children were bringing plates of food to all their Elders, which included me & my friend. ūüôā

My friend ate his food with a gentle smile on his face all during our dinner. Afterward, he looked at me & said, “I have never been treated so kindly by children before in my whole¬†life.”

I told him that that is the difference between;

¬†“Acting like a Senior Citizen, expecting things & complaining when they don’t come”
“Being an Elder & being treated with respect & kindness”

Lesson Learned from Dennis Banks,
Co-Founder of the American Indian Movement

Evans Craig outside of the Teepee on the National Mall

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