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For Your Wellness, Today: Living an inspired life

When inspired (in-spirit), you do not ask yourself, “what is my calling?” you are living it.


Univera Associate – Univera DC, Part of the DC Wellness Network

Owner – Internet Technology Service, LLC in Washington, DC

Partner – First Nations Café in Imperial Beach, CA

Owner/Silversmith-Tribal Mall in Takoma Park, Md

Blogs – DC Update & For Your Wellness, Today
https://evanscraig.wordpress.com/ & http://wellnesstoday-evans.blogspot.com/

A traditional/contemporary presentation by Evans “the RainbowMan” Craig starts out with a ‘dawning song’ on his traditional cedar flute. Then he plays ‘inspired’ (in-spirit) songs with multiple flutes. He has participatory songs where the audience participates with hand-drums & gourde rattles. He finishes the presentation with a closing song and blessing to Mother Earth & “all our relations”.

Evans is a Traditional Spiritual Healer, a Navajo Silversmith, a Hand-Drum Carrier and Traditional Cedar Flute player. He conducts Native Ceremony at various sites throughout the Washington, DC Metro area. When requested, he also plays, at gatherings & festivals throughout Native Country.

Flyer can be downloaded here!
I can be contacted at evans@evanscraig.com

When U R inspired (in spirit), U feel alive! U feel dynamic!
Start w/Positive Emotion & Clarity of Intention.
Your intention must be clear.

Posted By Evans to For Your Wellness, Today at 10/19/2010 12:11:00 PM


October 19, 2010 - Posted by | Landmark Education, Native News, Updates

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