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Native American Civil Rights Gathering in Washington DC

Native American Civil Rights Gathering in Washington DC

PRESS RELEASE as of July 1st, 2010

On August 17th, 18th and 19th in Washington DC at the Lincoln Memorial there will be a Native American Mixed-Bloods March to bring attention to the facts concerning the discrimination that is being conjured up by the Grand Council of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, by the BIA and the United States Government. Those of us that are of Mixed-Blood ancestry are looked upon as being Non-Native American when many of us have more Native American Blood flowing through our veins than those that sit in judgment of us. There are many mixed-bloods that have been disenfranchised by the Federal Recognized Tribal Councils with permission given to them by the United States Government, who should never have been kicked off the American Indian Roll’s in the first place. That also goes for the Cherokee Freedmen as well; these are the descendants of the African slaves that played a very important role in our culture during the 1700’ and 1800’s as they aided their respective tribes sometimes with their very lives. Many of the Cherokee Freedmen of today are Cherokee by Blood who possess more Cherokee Blood than that of the Thin Blood White Cherokee that kicked them off the membership rolls of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. This should never have happened, but the way that I view it is that it was the greed for money that brought this about and it was for political gain. We are not pointing the finger at the citizens of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, nor the citizens of the Eastern Band of Cherokee, but we are pointing to the Councils of these two Federal Recognized Tribes that have done this.

We only want to be known for whom we actually are, our skin may be different in color, some of us are light skinned and some are darker skinned but we are still Native Americans. We want to practice our Religion as the Great Creator guides us to, but we are not allowed to do so because of regulations against our practices. We once used the feathers of the Mighty Eagle in our ceremonies but we are no longer permitted to do this. We are not wanting to take the life of the Great Eagle to do these ceremonies because taking a life should only be done for food, we only would like to use the feathers that have been taken by the government who keeps them in a repository only to be given out to very few to use as such. When the white man came to America they came to have “Freedom of Religion” but yet the white man took away that freedom from ALL Native Americans. Now why would a people leave a country for religious freedom to come to another country and impose the same regulations that these Pilgrims were running from onto the first inhabitants in their new country. The white man took our lands, took away our Religious Freedom and has tried to take away our identity, but yet we fight on to regain what has been stripped from us. We honor Mother Earth but the white man does not respect the land; do you remember the television commercials that showed Iron Eyes Cody with tears in his eyes over the trash in the rivers and along the highways of America? Native Americans believe that Mother Earth should be as clean as it was when our ancestors trod over this land. The skies are polluted, the air is stagnant, the land is trashed but yet we go on our merry way not paying attention to it and saying let the next person take care of it I’m too busy, sooner or later there will be nothing left for us to take care of if we do not wakeup to the reality of what is taking place.

We are expecting over one million people of the Native American community to join with us in this endeavor. We will have many well known performers and guest speakers at this gathering. Won’t you also join with us during these three days as Native America speaks out!! The following Countries and U.S. States are rallying in support of this historic cause: Canada, UK, Russia, Austria, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Norway, Bulgaria, Republic of South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, India, Sri Lanka. The States are NY, MN, WA, OR, GA, FL and MO. We are being contacted daily with more and more asking to support this cause.
Wado (Thanks),

Events Coordinator:

Kermit Manis

Indian Creek Band Chickamauga Cherokee Inc.


Events Coordinator


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