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For Your Wellness, Today Experience Animal Energy to compliment Mother Earth

A DC Update from Landmark Education: Native Style

I spent last weekend with the Elders at the Animal Spirit Dance & experienced Animal Energy in the Spirit Lodge.



Followed that with a Healers Picnic here in DC.


Lastly, I went to an “Avatar” (the movie) viewing party which ended with an Intention Meditation, where we connected with the Earth Energy.

Spent this last weekend at the 3rd Annual Horse Spirit Healing Pow Wow and spread the Animal Energy to all I saw. It was awesome.



I have had such an awesome two weeks spending time with ALL my healer friends, including my new Wellness Network, here in DC, called Univera Life Science. A Wellness Network where we give away “Ageless Xtra.” in a Relationship Network Model. We promote Wellness at the cellular level!

  • Promotes Vital Energy
  • Supports Mental Clrity & Focus
  • Helps Manage Stress
  • Promotes Joint Comfort & Flexibility

Join our Meetup Group, Univera Life Science, to learn more about Feeling Well Today.

Thank you all for sharing yourself & your energy with me, and allowing me to share Wellness with you all!

Evans ‘Rainbow Man’ Craig

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