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The Feds are in the Social Media game (and actually playing good)

DC Update

The Federal CIOs understand the use of social media, how it can help them serve the public better and make their lives easier.Check out Guidelines for Secure Use of Social Media by Federal Departments and Agencies, v1.0

The decision to embrace social media technology is a risk-based decision, not a technology-based decision. It must be made based on a strong business case, supported at the appropriate level for each department or agency, considering its mission space, threats, technical capabilities, and potential benefits. The goal of the IT organization should not be to say “No” to social media websites and block them completely, but to say “Yes, following security guidance,” with effective and appropriate information assurance security and privacy controls. The decision to authorize access to social media websites is a business decision, and comes from a risk management process made by the management team with inputs from all players

Notice that this applies equally to all organizations across the board, it’s not just a government thing.

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